Gary Tong, who is battling brain metastases from lung cancer, expresses profound gratitude for the donations and well wishes he has received from the public. He intends to embrace an active life ahead and endeavors to assist those in need within his capabilities. He also reveals that recent test results indicate a reduction in the size of the tumors, alleviating the need for an increase in the dosage of new targeted medication at present.

Furthermore, due to his accelerated heart rate that has been affecting his daily life and hindering his ability to carry his musical instruments, he underwent a separate cardiac examination. The doctors suspect that his atrial fibrillation could potentially be related to the cancer, resulting in inadequate blood discharge from the heart and even backflow, leading to heart enlargement. Regardless, he plans to continue monitoring and undergoing further tests to ascertain his cardiac condition and the necessity for surgery.

At 35 years old, facing the aggravation of lung cancer, Gary Tong, under his doctor's recommendation, requires a new targeted medication regimen, combined with other drugs to mitigate side effects. Unfortunately, the substantial cost of the medication has placed an insurmountable burden on him, leading him to seek assistance from One Hope Charity.

One Hope Charity will persist in monitoring Gary Tong's condition and extends appreciation to individuals from all walks of life for their generous contributions, allowing him to feel the warmth and supportive hand of the public during this uncertain period of illness.