Gee Sheng Quan is expected to start his treatment in a hospital in Taiwan next month, accompanied by his mother. He still needs encouragements, prayers and blessing from the well-wishers on his road to fight against cancer.

One Hope Charity launched a fundraising of RM350,000 for six-year-old boy Gee Sheng Quan from Sungai Petani, Kedah on Wednesday (14 September 2022). Little Sheng Quan’s situation has received attention and sympathy from people from all walks of life, and the RM350,000 he needed was successfully raised in xx hours. His parents are very grateful for the donations and help from all the well-wishers.

After this, Sheng Quan’s mother, Hang Ying Kie will be accompanying him to Taiwan for the treatment. They are expected to stay in Taiwan for three months – isolation for the first week, various examinations and tests in the second and third week, and the treatment will start from the fourth week.

According to the treatment plan provided by the hospital in Taiwan, Sheng Quan needs to undergo five Proton Therapy every week, and he needs to complete 31 Proton Therapy courses. He can return to Malaysia to continue observation and recuperation after completing the course of treatment and the golden window for observation.

In the process of seeking medical treatment, the mother was distraught. Not only she has to worry about the medical condition of her child, but also to think about the huge amount of medical expenses. With the success in raising the medical expenses that Sheng Quan needs, the mother can now relive temporarily. However, she is also ready to face all the challenges in Taiwan.

The family is very grateful for the donations from the public, and they are also thankful to the public for giving their son an opportunity to live.

One Hope Charity will also report on Sheng Quan’s situation on its website, App and Facebook page from time to time, so that Sheng Quan can bring everyone’s blessings and prayers with him on his journey to fight against cancer.