This is an opportunity for rebirth. Haffiya Nafisha Tihani bt Mohd Nasir, a 2-year-old girl from Padang Serai, Kedah, has been scheduled for heart repair surgery on September 15. The parents were both happy and worried. On the one hand, they were happy that the child had a chance to survive, and on the other hand, they were worried about the situation of the operation.

When the doctor sentenced the child to have only 2 years of life, the parents prayed that the child would be able to survive safely. Now that the operation can be carried out, they need to let the child try anyway, otherwise there will be no chance of survival.

As the RM55,000 surgery fee for the girl had been raised, the parents were very excited and admitted that what they could do in the past was to accompany the child, and now hope that the child will grow up healthy and healthy after the operation. They also thank the public for their donations.