"We are truly grateful to everyone! Thank you all once again for helping us open the door that connects Jayden to the world. We hope that he can have better hearing like his sister Jaylene and be able to attend kindergarten and primary school in the coming years."

Upon learning that the surgical expenses for her son Jayden Lim have been successfully raised, Lim Jo Lene expresses her endless gratitude to the public through these words. With the blessings and support from the public, Jayden will undergo bilateral cochlear implant surgery arranged by the hospital as soon as possible, allowing him to return to the world of sound.

Currently, 5-year-old Jayden has approximately 35% to 40% hearing in his right ear and only about 15% hearing in his left ear. He relies on hearing aids in both ears to hear sounds. However, he cannot hear clearly, especially high-pitched sounds, and his ability to engage in conversations is limited to a few words at a time, unable to handle long sentences.

One Hope Charity expresses gratitude to everyone for their kind assistance, enabling Jayden to step into a vibrant world of sound and grow alongside his sister Jaylene Lim.