After receiving cochlear implants in both of her ears, Jaylene Lim Ze Xuan, a 3-year-old, has gradually emerged from the silent world. She is still receiving speech therapy today, and she is also becoming accustomed to her voice and mastering vocalization.

Jaylene had bilateral cochlear implant surgery on November 29 of last year.

Jaylene, accompanied by her grandfather, mother, and elder brother, visited ONE HOPE CHARITY's office in Kuala Lumpur to express their gratitude to the public.

Jaylene five-year-old brother is also deaf. He can currently communicate using a hearing aid, and his grandfather and mother have stated that they are considering implanting him with a cochlear implant in the future so that he can receive treatment and improve his hearing like Jaylene.

Jaylene, from Subang Jaya, Selangor, was found to have only 20% hearing in both ears and was prescribed hearing aids. However, after wearing it for a while, the hearing aid stopped working. The parents decided to have the child get a cochlear implant so that her learning progress would not be hampered.

Jaylene's parents are deaf and dumb. Her father communicates through sign language and works as a cook in Singapore. Her mother was sent to a school for the deaf and dumb in Singapore to learn literacy and train her to understand lip language. She has lived in Singapore for 11 years and used to work in a cake shop, but she resigned and returned to Malaysia about 5 years ago when her mother fell ill. She is currently selling cakes online to help support the family.

The income of the two people plus the funds raised by the family cannot afford the total cost of cochlear implant and surgery which is RM175,300. Therefore, ONE HOPE CHARITY assists Jaylene in raising funds so that she can return to the world of sound as soon as possible.

ONE HOPE CHARITY is grateful to the public for their support and blessings, which enabled Xiao Zhixuan to not only regain her hearing but also catch up with her learning progress.