A 45-year-old single mother, Khaw Pow Pow, has the challenging task of juggling a job along with taking care of her four school-going children. She has decided to undergo scoliosis surgery during the school break in December. The surgery is scheduled for December 16th, and a series of examinations will be conducted beforehand to ensure that all conditions are met for the procedure.

Hailing from Butterworth, Khaw Pow Pow possesses insurance and a medical card; however, her coverage is limited to RM 30,000 per year and does not include scoliosis. Unfortunately, this surgery cannot be claimed through her insurance, leaving her no choice but to seek assistance from One Hope Charity.

With the required RM 55,000 medical expenses already raised, she is profoundly grateful for the generosity of the public. This support has enabled her to confront her spinal issue after a delay of 11 years and provides her the opportunity for the necessary surgery. She hopes for the collective well-wishes and blessings from everyone to ensure the success of her upcoming surgery.