"I must be strong for the sake of my children. My greatest wish is to be free of the disease, to continue working to support my family, to work hard in society, and to give back to society by assisting those in need whenever possible."

Khor Chin Luen, 43, was depressed and stressed for a while. He also had to bear the agony of going to the hospital for anti-cancer treatment and worrying about the lives of his wife and children. Despite this, he gritted his teeth and shamelessly sought assistance from relatives and friends.

When he found out he had cancer, all he could think about was what would happen to his family after he died, and he was even more concerned about the family's financial situation. He is grateful to the generous public for their timely assistance in helping his family get through this difficult time, as the RM60,000 living expenses and medical expenses have been raised.

Chin Luen of Penang Bukit Mertajam was diagnosed with colorectal cancer after experiencing abdominal pain in August of last year. He was not only unable to continue working to support her family, but he also had to undergo surgical resection and chemotherapy for the cancerous part of his body. The cancer cells have now spread to the bladder, and treatment is still ongoing. Despite the fact that the treatment is being provided in a government hospital, various tests and treatments will cost hundreds of ringgit.

The family's head is unable to work and is experiencing financial difficulties. The wife must care for her husband and their children, ages 14, 10, 7, and 6, who are concerned about running out of food. ONE HOPE CHARITY will cover the family's expenses for a year, allowing him to focus on treatment.