“After the surgery, I hope to participate in extracurricular activities like other classmates. I will also study hard to repay my mother for her care and the support and love from the community."

The 16-year-old Koo Yen Tong, after successfully raising the remaining RM40,000 for her scoliosis corrective surgery, couldn't hide her excitement as she revealed her expectations for life after the operation. Witnessing her child's joyful smile, mother Lee Kar Ling also felt happy for her. She expressed gratitude to the kind-hearted people who generously contributed to her child's medical fund and hoped to help other patients in need in the same way in the future.

One Hope Charity will assist in arranging the necessary scoliosis corrective surgery for Koo Yen Tong. They appreciate the support from people from all walks of life, allowing her to undergo the operation as soon as possible and return to school to enjoy her youth.

Koo Yen Tong's scoliosis, with a curvature of 47 degrees, requires a corrective surgery costing RM50,000; otherwise, the problem will continue to worsen. Her mother has contributed RM10,000 from her savings, but there is still a remaining RM40,000 in medical expenses, leading to the decision to seek assistance from One Hope Charity.