"We had nothing to give back, we brought our child to One Hope Service Centre after she was discharged from the hospital to thank everyone."

Ku Adra Medina bt Ku Hizran, a baby girl from Jitra, Kedah, was born with serious heart disease. Before the parents could hold the baby, the baby was placed in an incubator and relied on an assistive device to survive.

Fortunately, thanks to the generous public's donations and blessings, she completed the heart surgery on August 1. However, her condition after the surgery was unstable, and the baby girl underwent a second surgery to repair her heart on August 4.

The good news is that, after two surgeries and a dangerous stay in the intensive care unit, the baby girl was finally transferred to the general ward on August 10 and gradually weaned herself off the respiratory aid. On August 16, she was also cured and discharged from the hospital.

"As soon as our little girl was allowed to leave the hospital, we had to bring her with us to express our gratitude, because it was the generous public who saved our child so that she could grow up healthy."