The 5-year-old boy Kwan Zi Qing, has been return to hearing world for nearly 3 years. He said "Gong Xi, Gong Xi" to greet everyone a happy new year!

Kwan Zi Qing, a 5-year-old boy from Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, was successfully implanted with a pair of cochlear implants at 3 years ago. He was pay extra effort in learning in speech therapy during the golden period. All his hard work paid off in the end, now he can listen and also communicate with simple words.

Before the Chinese New Year, father Kwan Kee Meng and mother Lee See Ney brought their son Kwan Zi Qing and the 8-year-old brother to the One Hope Charity & Welfare Centre in Kuala Lumpur to send new year regards to the public.

Zi Qing was born with a bacterial infection in the brain, which caused his hearing to gradually decline to deafness. Considering that before the age of 3 is the golden learning period for listening and speaking, with the doctor's advice, the family agreed Zi Qing to undergo binaural cochlear implant surgery. In February 2020, with the assistance of the One Hope Charity, Zi Qing received donation of RM134,800 for cochlear implant surgery fees from generous public. With the supports allowing him to undergo the surgery as scheduled and return to hearing world.

Kwan Zi Qing, who was baby boy that leaning in the mother's arms in those day. Now he like a big boy, he likes to run and jump as well as he also loves to draw and sketch on paper.

Lee See Ney revealed that when she first sent Zi Qing to school, she was worried that Zi Qing would not get used to school life or the teacher would not be able to handle him. Luckily everything went well in the end. In fact, Zi Qing is a child who loves going to school. Mother mentioned that he was nervous but big expectation on the first day of school. He did not cry like most children that not used to school.

During the visit, the 8-year-old brother accompanied Zi Qing from time to time, and he was more patient and cared for the younger brother. The parents highlight that sometimes when they couldn't understand what Zi Qing said, they would ask for help from his elder brother who could understand. Zi Qing is currently taking speech therapy classes and is doing hard to keep up with the progress. Sometimes he tries to learn from his parents to speak quickly but the words become slurred.

We would like to thank the public for their generous support and blessings, so that Zi Qing can catch up with the progress of his studies and move towards this world with wonderful sound.