After witnessing his daughter's graduation ceremony, Lee Yew Wing from Taman Machang Bubok, 55 years old, has finally decided to address his heart condition. He has been experiencing shortness of breath and chest pain when walking up stairs since last year. Seeking medical advice, initial tests revealed a slow heartbeat leading to cardiac weakness, resulting in shortness of breath and blood vessel blockages. Further tests were scheduled for the end of the year and next year, but he feared the delay and sought a swift operation to overcome his heart ailment.

Thanks to the successful fundraising of the required RM40,000 for the surgery, Lee Yew Wing is not only grateful for the generous support from the community, which will enable him to embark on a healthier life but also aspires to continue contributing to society once he is in better health.

The angiogram procedure to assess the severity of his cardiovascular blockages and potentially open up the blood vessels is now scheduled for August 2nd.