Lim Qi Shuang has a severe 90-degree scoliosis, which is a very critical condition. Doctors have already arranged for her to undergo corrective surgery, which went smoothly. It is expected that she will need several months of recovery, after which she can stand tall and grow up gracefully. Her parents also hope that she, who loves dancing, can continue to pursue her dreams.

Lim Qi Shuang's surgery lasted for about 2 hours. Upon learning that the surgery had been successfully completed, her parents immediately sent messages to express their gratitude to kind-hearted people from all over and the professional medical team who made the surgery possible.

With the necessary surgical expenses already raised, her parents are extremely grateful for the timely assistance from the community, helping their child overcome this difficult situation. They have no way to repay this kindness and can only express their gratitude through messages.

Lim Qi Shuang, from Pinang Tunggal in North Seberang Prai, Penang, was discovered by her mother about six months ago when her shoulder blades were protruding. At the time, there was no pain or discomfort, and the family didn't pay much attention to it. It wasn't until medical personnel conducted routine checks at her school and noticed something unusual in her spine that her parents were urged to seek medical attention. She was diagnosed with a spinal curvature of over 90 degrees. Recently, she began to feel back pain, and prompt surgery is required to prevent further deterioration and pressure on internal organs.