"The baby can finally be free from being covered in tubes and can sleep peacefully. We can also return to work with peace of mind, thanks to everyone. It's because of your donations and blessings that we can cradling and holding Yu Chen in our arms today."

A couple from Taiping, Perak, sought assistance from One Hope Charity on July 27th. Their first child had a congenital heart condition, and the situation was extremely urgent. Doctors informed them that surgery had to be performed within a week, or else the baby's life would be in jeopardy.

After a thorough review, One Hope Charity urgently approved the assistance. The baby was transferred to the hospital on August 2nd, and the surgery took place the next day. The baby's surgery was successful, and after passing through the critical period in the intensive care unit, the baby was finally discharged on August 10th after being transferred to a regular ward.

From the request for assistance to the baby's recovery and discharge, from case review to fundraising, everything was done swiftly, all within a short span of two weeks. This not only relied on the parents' cooperation but also on the efficiency of One Hope Charity's review process, allowing the baby to undergo surgery during the critical window.

In addition to being grateful for the lifesaving efforts of the medical staff, the parents are also thankful for the support of kind-hearted individuals. It's because of their assistance that the baby could undergo surgery and have a chance to live on, united with the blessings of many people.