Liong Chee Wei, 40, was diagnosed with non-lymphoma Hodgkin's ten years ago. He was initially unwilling to accept reality, but he has now accepted everything that has happened. There is still hope for treatment, and he did his best to follow the doctor's orders.

He claimed that his repeated illness had made him fearful of pursuing any ideals or ambitions. He can only obey the doctor's treatment instructions for the time being, and the rest is up to fate. He hopes that after his recovery, he will be able to contribute to society.

With the RM160,000 he needed has been fully raised, he is very grateful for the assistance from the public, allowing him to undergo treatment. Currently, his stem cell transplantation procedure is being arranged, and it is expected that the stem cell transplantation will be carried out as scheduled.

Liong Chee Wei from Ipoh, Perak, now lives in Penang. He was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 30. He had undergone radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as autologous stem cell transplantation. Now he was lucky enough to find a matching stem cell, hoping to extend his life.