76-year-old Ang Kau Mue from Sungai Petani, Kedah, experienced a leg length discrepancy due to a car accident over a decade ago. This condition made her walk somewhat unbalanced, and she was afraid of pain, which deterred her from undergoing knee injections or knee replacement surgery.

Her husband passed away 12 years ago, and they had four children together. She resides with her two grandchildren in her eldest son's home. As she aged, the pain in her knees worsened, and even with a walking aid, walking became increasingly difficult. Consequently, she rarely left her home unless it was necessary for a medical checkup.

Upon receiving her request for assistance, the One Hope Charity conducted a home visit and the board decided to sponsor the cost of knee medication injections to alleviate her pain. Additionally, they provided her with a wheelchair to facilitate her mobility within her home and for outpatient visits.