A 57-year-old hard-working hawker, Kang Bak Seng suffered from hearing loss during the cancer treatment. This makes him can't hear properly what the diners order and they mistakenly thought he was arrogant. Over time, his business fell by half, and his family's finance was greatly affected.

Bak Seng suffered from nasopharyngeal cancer 10 years ago. He recovered after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He and his 47-year-old wife worked as a hawker selling Hong Kong-style Chee Cheong Fun. When his wife is away, the diners spoke insulting to him when he serves the wrong order to the diners. This is because they didn't know Bak Seng suffered from hearing problems. When buying ingredients, he was also abused because he couldn't hear him, which also filled him with resentment and negative energy.

On June 18 this year, he went to the Health Carnival organized by ONE HOPE CHARITY to have an ear examination, and it was confirmed that only 10% of the hearing in his left ear was left. Wearing a hearing aid is the only way Bak Seng can hear and communicate with others.

Dato' Chua Sui Hau, the chairman of ONE HOPE CHARITY recalled that he wrote an encouragement note to Bak Seng during the health carnival. "Don't give up, work hard, ignore other people's opinions, and live a good life!" He hoped that Bak Seng would improve his hearing and confidence after wearing a hearing aid.

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