A 52-year-old man from Kepala Batas, Penang, Goik Soon Kheng, has a voice that resembles the sound of an alien from "Star Wars" due to his battle with laryngeal cancer. To speak, he relies on an electronic larynx to produce sound, which gives his voice a unique, robotic quality. (Video Link)

Eight years ago, Goik Soon Kheng experienced episodes of bleeding when brushing his teeth and coughing. After seeking medical attention, he was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer and subsequently underwent a laryngectomy (voice box removal) surgery, as well as a tracheostomy.

At the time of his cancer diagnosis, Goik Soon Kheng was working in Singapore. He requested a letter from the local doctors in Singapore to return to Malaysia for treatment. Upon returning, he underwent the laryngectomy and tracheostomy surgeries within a week, followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Due to the removal of his voice box, he could no longer produce sound naturally, so doctors recommended that he use an electronic larynx to communicate.

Now, Goik Soon Kheng's electronic larynx, which he has been using for several years, has developed issues and needs to be replaced. He has been unable to work since his return to Malaysia for treatment and cannot afford the cost of a new electronic larynx. Consequently, he sought assistance from ONE HOPE CHARITY. Goik Soon Kheng holds a disability card and relies on welfare assistance from Social Welfare and some financial support from his siblings to cover his living expenses.

Upon receiving his request for assistance, ONE HOPE CHARITY conducted a home visit and decided to provide support by supplying him with a new electronic larynx, enabling him to continue communicating effectively with others.