A 17-year-old teenager who has been diagnosed with auditory impairment since childhood has always relied on his weak left ear for hearing. When he revisited the hospital in May this year, the doctor recommended that he wear a hearing aid to help him hear sounds.

Hailing from George Town, Penang, Ho Jian Kuan (17) is a candidate for this year's SPM. At school, he was always seated in the front row, relying on his single-ear hearing to listen to the teachers' lectures.

Ho Jian Kuan's lack of sensitivity to sound was discovered by his family when he was a child. After a visit to the hospital for a check-up, it was confirmed that he had a problem with the nerves in his right ear, causing him to be unable to hear, and his hearing in the left ear was also not strong.


At the age of 3, doctors had suggested surgery, but the family couldn't afford the significant surgical expenses. Additionally, since his left ear had some hearing ability, they chose not to have the surgery at that time. Instead, they followed the doctor's advice for regular check-ups to prevent the condition from worsening. It wasn't until his reevaluation at the hospital in May this year that the doctor recommended he wear a hearing aid.

ONE HOPE CHARITY sent representatives for a home visit after receiving the request for assistance. The board agreed to provide him with a pair of hearing aids to assist him in his studies and help him achieve his dream of becoming a teacher in the future.

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