The 11-year-old boy had 24-degree scoliosis. The doctor advised him to wear a scoliosis brace to prevent further deterioration. ONE HOPE CHARITY will assist him with an RM2,500 brace to correct his posture and alleviate the deterioration.

In June of this year, Hor Zhan Xian's mother discovered her son had scoliosis. According to the doctor's examination, he had scoliosis of 24 degrees. He does not require surgery at this time, but he must wear a scoliosis brace.

Zhan Xian's elder sister also suffers from scoliosis. Four years ago, ONE HOPE CHARITY provided her with a scoliosis brace. Zhan Xian went to the doctor a few days ago with his sister. He was later diagnosed with 24-degree scoliosis.

His father suffers from depression and must take medication for an extended period of time, making it impossible for him to work. His mother works as a secretary and can cover the family's expenses. The family applied to ONE HOPE CHARITY for help with the scoliosis brace in order to reduce the family's financial burden.

After receiving and reviewing the application, One Hope Charity decided to assist Zhan Xian with the scoliosis brace.

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