A 44-year-old security personnel working for the newspaper has experienced hearing loss in his left ear since childhood. He has been using a hearing aid in his right ear to hear sounds. However, the hearing aid that he has been wearing for several decades has become damaged. This foundation is providing him with a new hearing aid to prevent the loss of hearing from affecting his daily life.

Lim Beng Leong, from Ayer Itam, Penang, was diagnosed with hearing loss in his left ear since childhood. He relied on his hearing in one ear for learning. However, by the time he reached high school, his hearing in the right ear also started to deteriorate. At the age of 28, he experienced significant hearing loss, leading to him wearing his first hearing aid.

Lim Beng Leong believed that the batteries of his current hearing aid had run out, so he went to the hospital to purchase replacement batteries. However, he was informed that the hearing aid was damaged and needed to be replaced with a new one. The hospital temporarily lent him a hearing aid for one ear.

He works as a parking lot security guard at a newspaper company, earning a monthly salary of RM1,500. Currently, he lives with his 69-year-old mother and a younger brother. They rely on the meager wages of the two brothers to cover household expenses, making it impossible for him to afford the cost of a new hearing aid. As a result, he sought assistance from the ONE HOPE CHARITY.

Upon receiving his request for help, ONE HOPE CHARITY sent representatives to his home for a home visit, and agreed to assist him in acquiring a new hearing aid. This will allow him to regain his normal life and continue working smoothly.

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