Lim Seng Chong, a 75-year-old single man from Butterworth, Penang, began experiencing hearing loss three years ago. After a recent visit to a specialist hospital for a hearing assessment, it was confirmed that he had age-related hearing impairment, and he needed hearing aids for both ears to hear clearly.

Mr. Lim, who used to sell rojak, had to stop his rojak business last year after several falls led to injuries to his feet. He currently resides with four other single siblings, and the household's monthly expenses are solely reliant on his welfare payments from the Social Welfare Department and the meager wages of his two brothers. This financial situation made it impossible for him to afford the cost of hearing aids, leading him to seek assistance from One Hope Charity.

Upon receiving his plea for help, One Hope Charity conducted a home visit, and the board of directors agreed to assist him in obtaining of hearing aids, allowing him to regain his hearing.

During a previous home visit by the One Hope Charity's staffs, conversations had to be conducted at a louder volume to ensure Mr. Lim could understand. Now, with the successful use of hearing aids, staffs can communicate with him at a normal volume, bringing happiness and improved communication to his life.

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