A 57-year-old widow underwent successful heart surgery due to a blocked artery. After the surgery, her doctors recommended medications to prevent blood clot formation and potential stroke. One Hope Charity is providing assistance to cover the cost of her medication and also supporting her with food supplies.

Residing in Penang, Ng Gwek Kim sought medical attention at a Penang hospital in October last year due to heart discomfort. Doctors diagnosed three blocked arteries, and she required a procedure to insert three stents. She received financial assistance of RM9,000 for the surgery from the hospital's welfare department. However, the medications she needed to take after the surgery had to be purchased independently.

Her husband had passed away from heart disease several years ago, and she previously earned a modest income working at a coffee shop. Following the surgery, she was temporarily unable to work. She has one daughter.

Ng Gwek Kim applied to One Hope Charity for assistance with post-surgery medications and food supplies. After receiving her request, One Hope Charity conducted a home visit, and the board approved her application.