A 60-year-old woman has been suffering from diabetes for 30 years and has a wound on her right foot. The doctor advised her to wear diabetic orthopedic boot to avoid deterioration of the affected part. ONE HOPE CHARITY provide her with special diabetic orthopedic boot to provide support and relieve pain.

Ragani A/P Vellasamy (62 years old) from Lunas, Kedah has had diabetes for 30 years. The wound on her right foot grew larger and larger after a bacterial infection two years ago. The doctor recommended that she have corrective surgery on the sole of her right foot. Pus appeared in the wound after the operation, but she has now recovered gradually.

The doctor advised her to wear Diabetic Boots to provide support, stabilize the joints of her right foot and relieve pain.

Her husband (67 years old) also suffers from diabetes. He underwent heart stent surgery 14 years ago. Since his wife became disabled, he has been taking care of his wife at home. He occasionally replaces a friend's decoration work, earning only RM300.

ONE HOPE CHARITY decided to assist her with diabetic orthopedic shoes on her right foot, so that she can walk better.

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