Not only does ONE HOPE CHARITY assist impoverished patients, but it also supports nursing homes to alleviate their burdens and ensure that the elderly residents receive proper care and can enjoy their later years in peace.

After review, ONE HOPE CHARITY provides assistance in the form of items such as diapers, wound-cleaning medications, saline solutions, pain relievers, and dry goods like Milo, milk powder, and instant noodles.

In June, ONE HOPE CHARITY provided assistance amounting to RM67,963.20 for 35 applicants. In July, 41 individuals received assistance totaling RM92,750.40 to relieve their difficulties.

Among these numerous applicants, ONE HOPE CHARITY not only provides emergency aid such as dry goods, milk powder, and diapers but also covers education tutoring fees for children from impoverished families, hearing aid expenses, medical testing fees, medication costs, minor surgical expenses such as eye membrane removal, knee joint injections, short-term stays for elderly individuals in nursing homes, wound-cleaning expenses, post-stroke care, and more.

Furthermore, medical equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, walking aids, and respirators can be a heavy financial burden. Thus, after receiving requests, the foundation conducts home visits to assess the actual need for this medical equipment before lending it to the qualified applicants.

If anyone in the community discovers that their friends or relative require medical equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, canes, oxygen machines, special formula milk, diapers, etc., can call the hotline at 016-419 2192, 018-911 4192, or 04-539 9212 to seek assistance.