A 53-year-old single mother, Tan Geak Lay, was diagnosed with severe tinnitus caused by stress a decade ago. Recent tests revealed that her left ear has 0% hearing capacity, while her right ear has only 40% hearing capacity, necessitating the use of hearing aids.

Hailing from Butterworth, Tan Geak Lay visited a specialized hospital recently, where doctors recommended that she wear hearing aids in both ears. However, due to financial constraints, she couldn't afford the cost of hearing aids.

Six years ago, after her husband's passing, she returned to her hometown with her two children, who were still in school at that time. Unexpectedly, besides her confirmed hearing impairment, she was also diagnosed with rectal cancer and has undergone three surgeries.

Before falling ill, she worked as an assistant in early childhood education. Her 22-year-old son has applied for a loan from PTPTN to pursue higher education, while her 19-year-old daughter is in her pre-university studies. Additionally, Tan Geak Lay has to manage monthly mortgage and car loan payments, as well as her children's insurance fees.

Currently, Tan Geak Lay and her children rely solely on the monthly welfare assistance provided by the Social Welfare Department and her husband's social insurance assistance to sustain their livelihood. With insufficient monthly income to cover expenses, she couldn't afford the costs of hearing aid and turned to One Hope Charity for help.

Upon receiving the request for assistance, representatives from ONE HOPE CHARITY conducted a home visit. The board of directors approved the provision of a right ear hearing aid to her, aiming to enable her to continue working and alleviate the burden on her family.

On the 8th of this month, Tan Geak Lay successfully began using a hearing aid for her right ear. Before the device, she couldn't hear low-frequency sounds and occasionally experienced auditory hallucinations. Now, her hearing has significantly improved, and her mood has brightened. She is currently adapting to her restored hearing ability and has expressed her intention to return to work in early childhood education or as an assistant in the field.

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