A woman on her way to the market was hit by a motorcycle, resulting in a head injury. She was rushed to the hospital and her life was saved after the treatment, but she was unable to care for herself after being discharged. One Hope Charity lent a hospital bed, an oxygen machine, and a sputum suction machine, with the hope that she will recover soon and return to her daily life.

Tanem A/P Krishnamurthy, a 41-year-old woman from Bukit Mertajam, was involved in a car accident while her ethnic Chinese husband happened to pass by the scene. Realizing that the person lying on the ground was his wife, he immediately rushed her to the hospital for emergency care. Following MRI and scan tests, doctors discovered that she had a spreading blood clot in her brain, and they promptly performed surgery to remove it. After being discharged from the hospital, she relied on an oxygen machine for breathing support and required assistance from her family since she couldn't care for herself.

Before the accident, the woman worked part-time as a bread baker in the market, while her 46-year-old Chinese husband worked as a warehouse manager in a factory. The couple has two daughters, with their 19-year-old eldest daughter helping to take care of their grandmother who suffers from dementia at home, and their 13-year-old younger daughter attending school.

One Hope Charity received a request for assistance and sent representatives for a home visit. After understanding the woman's situation, decided to lend her a hospital bed, an oxygen machine, and a sputum suction machine to facilitate her family in taking care of her.