"Thank you to ONE HOPE for approving our application, and thank you to the public for the emergency assistance that transcended race and helped us through this difficult time. We had no choice; our child needed to stay in the intensive care unit for two weeks. We truly thank you."

With the medical expenses fully raised, One Hope Charity will stop fundraising immediately. The baby has shown good progress after two weeks in the hospital. Not only has he overcome the need for respiratory assistance, but he has also finally been discharged after completing treatment, allowing him to return home and reunite with his family. We hope that the baby continues to grow up healthy and safe.

Mohamad Aafi Akeef bin Mohamad Ahzarul Aswad, from Kampar, Perak, did not cry at birth. Doctors discovered that the child was severely oxygen-deprived, and he also suffered from Respiratory Distress Syndrome due to incomplete lung expansion. He needed to stay in the hospital for two weeks, and his parents, feeling extremely anxious, sought help to cover the remaining medical expenses.