"The child has finally recovered and been discharged from the hospital. We can finally hold him in our arms and give him kisses. We are determined to raise and educate him well, so that he becomes a kind and caring person in the future."

From Kubang Semang Bukit Mertajam, the baby boy Mohammad Rizqi Ramadhan Bin Mohammad Hafiz, who suffered from a congenital heart disease, underwent surgery earlier than originally planned. The surgery was successfully performed on June 26th, and the baby boy passed through the critical period in the intensive care unit. On June 30th, he was allowed to be transferred to a regular ward. Finally, on July 6th, he was discharged from the hospital, bringing smiles back to his parents' faces.

The parents recently visited One Hope Charity's service building to express their gratitude to the public and presented a handmade thank-you card. Currently, Mohammad Rizqi Ramadhan, at the age of 3 months, is growing happily and healthily under the care and companionship of his parents and family.