64-year-old Mohamad Rafi Bin Shah Din from Kulim, Kedah, has successfully completed angiogram and received subsequent treatment. Meanwhile, 41-year-old Vicneswaran A/L Murugesu from Jawi, has also successfully repaired a hole in his heart. They no longer suffer from the torment of angina and only need some rest to return to their normal daily lives.

Deeply grateful for the generosity of the general public, they express their heartfelt thanks to kind-hearted individuals of all races. Besides verbal gratitude, they also pledge to lead meaningful lives and continue to help others with a spirit that knows no racial boundaries, ensuring that the impact of this act of kindness is passed on.

Originally plagued by heart problems and in need of various tests, they faced concerns due to scheduling issues, and treatment seemed out of reach at one point. However, with the help of the community, they have raised enough funds for their medical expenses. We hereby announce the cessation of fundraising and extend our sincere gratitude to the general public of all races for their generous assistance.