Muaz Harith bin Kamarul Hakim, a baby boy from Ipoh, Perak, has been in the hospital's intensive care unit (ICU) for over a week. He has now overcome his respiratory distress, but due to acidosis, he has been transferred to a government hospital after confirming the availability of a bed. Currently, he is still in the ICU and is expected to remain in the hospital for another week.

Upon receiving the news that the One Hope Charity has approved their assistance, Muaz Harith's father, Kamarul Hakim bin Mohd Daub (39 years old), was overwhelmed with emotions and expressed his gratitude. He is deeply moved by the timely support from One Hope Charity, which has helped them through this challenging time. The worries and anxieties they have experienced over the past week can finally be relieved.

"Thank you for your donations. This baby is the result of 11 years of marriage and after experiencing four miscarriages. We are grateful for your protection and the donations and blessings from people of all races and religions. We are truly touched."

The couple has pledged to pay it forward and help others in need, spreading this love to others.