"When we held our baby in our arms, we cried... that moment was something we had been eagerly waiting for. We are very grateful for your help, which gave our child a chance to survive."

With the support of the public, Muaz Harith bin Kamarul Hakim, a newborn baby boy from Ipoh, Perak, has finally overcome his health challenges and is able to leave the hospital to reunite with his family.

After patiently waiting for pregnancy and childbirth, the couple faced numerous challenges with their baby's health after his birth. Following about two weeks of treatment in the neonatal intensive care unit, the baby managed to overcome the need for oxygen assistance and started breathing on his own.

The emotional parents, who were under tremendous pressure due to their baby's condition, were moved to tears. As their baby's condition improved over time and with the support and blessings from the community, this couple was finally able to relieve their worries and care for their child with peace of mind. Thank you, everyone.