Muhammad Al Fateh, who was suffering from severe pneumonia, successfully raised RM80,000 for the treatment, allowing the parents, who have been living in anxiety for many days, to temporarily relieve their worries and prepare for their children's next course of treatment. They are grateful to the generous donors and selfless blessings bestowed upon their children from people from all walks of life.

According to Al Fateh's mother, Nor Amirah, the baby boy's physical condition is improving. The doctor plans to remove the hose and stop using the ventilator in the near future, after which he will monitor the child's physical condition.

"The child is extremely active. He will occasionally open his eyes and move his hands and feet. Despite the fact that he is wearing a breathing tube, he will raise his head slightly and respond to our touch. He used to be very weak and rarely responded to us. He's getting better all the time."

Due to breathing issues, the oxygen in the baby boy Muhammad Al Fateh's body continued to drop a few hours after his birth, and bacterial infections occurred. His parents took him to the neonatal intensive care unit right away. He was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and was forced to continue using breathing apparatus. The machine provides the child with oxygen. The child's RM80,000 treatment fee added to the family's dire financial situation.

With the help of ONE HOPE CHARITY, they were able to cover the cost of their child's treatment. ONE HOPE CHARITY also expressed gratitude to the community for providing timely assistance to Muhammad Al Fateh and his family and sending warmth to their family.