After a successful surgery, Muhammad Aliff Uwais Bin Munir Ezzuany, the baby boy from Penang, Balik Pulau, can finally be discharged from the hospital and reunite with his family.

Muhammad Aliff Uwais was in critical condition and had undergone surgery to repair his heart condition. After spending a precarious period in the intensive care unit, he was later transferred to a regular ward. Following several days of observation, he was granted permission to go home. Though he still has a nasal tube for feeding, his condition is gradually improving.

Before the surgery, whenever the baby drank milk, his whole body would turn blue, and his lips would become purple. Doctors discovered that he had a severe congenital heart disease. To avoid further burden on his heart, he had been fed through a tube for the past 10 months.

Now, at 11 months old, he is already eating solid food and no longer needs the feeding tube. The parents are immensely grateful to the foundation and the kind-hearted public for their assistance and well-wishes. With the support and blessings from everyone, the baby can finally grow up healthy and the family can be reunited.