"After our child was discharged, we arranged to take this family portrait... Thank you all. If it weren't for your help in performing the surgery on my child, we would never have had the opportunity to reunite as a family."

Baby Muhammad Ammar Fathi, born in September, underwent surgery on September 22. After passing through the critical period in the intensive care unit, he was liberated from the assistance of oxygen on September 27 and transferred to a normal ward. Finally, on October 1, he was allowed to leave the hospital and return home to reunite with his family.

Parents can now embrace and kiss their only son, allowing them to continue their lives with greater peace of mind.

Muhammad Ammar Fathi was rushed to the intensive care unit immediately after birth, relying on oxygen assistance. Examinations revealed congenital heart defects, involving the reversal of the blood vessels and narrow heart valve, necessitating urgent surgery to save his life. Following the successful surgery, parents are very grateful for the assistance provided by the organization and the generosity of kind-hearted individuals.