"We are here today with our child to express our gratitude for the help you've provided to our child. Without your donations and blessings, our child wouldn't have been able to escape the torment of heart disease during that critical moment."

Residing in Bayan Lepas, Penang, Muhammad Farhan Yusuf bin Muhamad Ridzuan underwent surgery on June 21st. After the surgery, he faced a critical condition, and he suffered a seizure while in the intensive care unit, which greatly frightened his parents. After enduring those difficult times, Farhan has finally been discharged from the hospital in good health, reuniting with his family at home.

Following the surgery, Farhan successfully passed the dangerous and observation phases, moving to a general ward on June 25th. Finally, on July 1st, he was granted permission to leave the hospital and return home.

The moment the doctors said, "The child can be discharged," the parents were overwhelmed with joy, knowing that their child had finally escaped the torment of heart disease. They no longer need to worry about their child's condition constantly. They express their gratitude not only for the support and assistance from the community that helped save their child's life but also for helping their family get through this challenging time.

To show their appreciation, the parents personally brought their child to express their thanks. They also presented bouquets and cards, hoping to spread this love to other people in need.