“Our family is touched to see that people from all ethnic groups are assisting Muhammad Farish Iskandar with his medical expenses.”

Muhammad Farish Iskandar, who suffers from ulcerative colitis, received public support and successfully raised the RM33,840 needed for injecting medicines, which relieved his mother greatly. Since he was a child, he had suffered from severe illness and weighed less than other children. He not only had blood in his stool, but he also lost his appetite, was weak all over, and couldn't eat because his intestines couldn't absorb nutrients or digest food.

"We hope that he can recover and return to school as soon as possible... and that he can participate in activities and learn like other children."

Since he was three years old, Muhammad Farish Iskandar has been plagued by ulcerative colitis. He has been treated with antibiotics, steroids, and chemotherapy. His condition was not successfully controlled until the first injection of special medicines at the age of eight.

His stepfather and mother sell used clothing at the village night market, and the monthly income is required to support their children and his 16-year-old sister. As a result, their family income is insufficient to cover the second injection fee.

Muhammad Farish Iskandar was able to inject medicine with the help of the public and our organisation, allowing his condition to be gradually controlled.