The baby boy in an emergency situation has undergone his operation on the 16th. Now his condition is stable but still under observation in ICU.

A Malay baby Muhammad Habiburrahman Bin Muhamad Arshad, required RM90,000 of his operation fee has been fully raised. His parents thank the kind-hearted public who helps them pass thru the difficulties.

Muhammad Habiburrahman from Jitra, Kedah, was undergoing balloon catheter surgery on the second day of his birth due to serious heart disease. However, this surgery only temporarily solution for him. A heart repair surgery is required to save his life.

A fundraising event was launched for him, and he was admitted to the hospital due to emergency surgery. Now, his life was saved and his parents thank all the kind-hearted public for helping them regardless of race or religion.

Part 1:Fundraising