"Thank you to the public, regardless of race, for helping our child. Apart from expressing our gratitude, we have no way to repay your kindness. We can only promise that when our lives stabilize in the future, we will donate to help other sick children. This way, they can also receive support and blessings from the community, giving them a chance to survive, just like our child."

Muhammad Zuhdi bin Zahari, from Sik, Kedah, was born with a bluish complexion due to lack of oxygen throughout his body. He was rushed to the intensive care unit for emergency treatment, and medical tests revealed a severe heart defect that required surgery before he reached three weeks old; otherwise, his life would be in danger.

Muhammad Zuhdi has already been scheduled for surgery on November 3rd, and the required medical expenses of RM90,000 have been raised, so fundraising efforts have now ceased.

One Hope Charity and parents once again express their gratitude for the donations from the public, which have given this baby boy a chance at survival. They hope the surgery goes smoothly, allowing the baby to be weaned off respiratory support and return home to reunite with his family.