The condition of Muhammad Aisy Anaqi, who is almost 2 years old, is critical. Surgery has been scheduled for November 22 to save his life.

As for Syafi Harraz, the 1-year-old boy, he underwent surgery on November 11, and the procedure went smoothly. Currently, he is under observation in the intensive care unit.

Both children were normal from the fetal stage until the moment of birth. However, a few days after birth, they started experiencing wheezing, rapid breathing, and other symptoms. Medical examinations revealed that both children are suffering from congenital heart disease.

With the required RM 110,000 raised for the two children, the parents are immensely grateful for the support from the community, transcending racial boundaries. They deeply appreciate the warmth of society.

One Hope Charity extends its gratitude to all generous individuals who contributed, allowing the children and their parents to feel the kindness of society. The hope is for the surgeries of the two boys to be successful, enabling them to reunite with their families and enjoy a happy childhood.