"Thank you for your help. I have now recovered and returned to work. In the future, as long as I am capable, I will definitely help those in need in society and give back for the assistance you provided me."

Considering Nazrizal Bin Nasip's medical condition, the hospital promptly arranged for his surgery. He was admitted on June 9th, and after completing the necessary medical examinations, he underwent a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) closure surgery on June 13th, in the morning. The approximately two-hour surgery went smoothly, and during the observation period, his progress was positive. The doctors agreed to discharge him the following evening.

Nazrizal, from Negeri Sembilan, began experiencing occasional numbness in his right hand last year, to the point where he couldn't grip things properly. Gradually, he lost sensation in his hand and had difficulty distinguishing between left and right. His speech and expression also became affected, and he made frequent errors when communicating via his mobile phone.

After an emergency examination, doctors found a blood clot in his left brain blood vessels. However, even after surgery, there was not much improvement. Further investigations revealed a hole in his heart. If this hole were not closed, there was a high risk of more blood clots forming in his brain vessels, or potentially in other parts or organs of his body, leading to the possibility of another stroke in the future.

Due to the urgency of the surgery and his financial constraints, he sought assistance from the ONE HOPE CHARITY. With the support of the public, he successfully raised the required RM45,000 for the surgery.