Nur Adni Arfa bin Mohamad Amirul Asraf, the baby girl, has successfully undergone heart surgery and treatment. She was recently transported from the National Heart Institute (IJN) to Kuantan Hospital by ambulance. After completing her observation at the hospital, she has recovered and been discharged, returning to her home in Pahang.

"We are incredibly thankful for the support of the public. Seeing the comments and donation receipts in the fundraising posts, as well as the blessings and encouragement from people of various ethnic backgrounds, touched our hearts deeply."

Baby Nur Adni Arfa had a hole in her heart and experienced a condition where there was fluid buildup in her lungs, putting her life in danger. Fortunately, thanks to the contributions from the community, she was able to undergo timely surgery, ultimately saving her precious life.

Now, with the blessings of many, Nur Adni Arfa is growing up healthy and happy.