"We sought the help of the public when we felt helpless. When we saw people from all races, religions, and backgrounds come together to donate money to help our daughter get her cochlear implant, we were truly touched. It made us feel that there is warmth in society everywhere."

The funds required for Nur Adzreen Zahirah's cochlear implant have been raised, and her parents hope that after the surgery, their daughter can grow up like other children, hear the sounds of the world, and improve her speech through therapy.

Khairil Azhar bin Azizan, the father, upon learning of the generous support from the community, along with his wife Noraziah Hassan, expressed their gratitude to all the kind-hearted individuals. They hope to be able to give back to society in the future.

ONE HOPE CHARITY will now assist with the arrangements for Nur Adzreen Zahirah's cochlear implant surgery, with the goal of completing the procedure before her 6th birthday. This will enable her to develop her language skills as soon as possible, hear more beautiful sounds, and have a happy childhood like other children.