"This time, we deeply feel the warmth and kindness of society, especially seeing contributions from the Chinese, Malay, and Indian communities. We are also touched by the prayers offered for our child. It has been a very moving experience."

Currently, Nur Elvina Trisha bt Zulhelmi, who is 1 year old, is not suitable for surgery due to a cough and flu. When her condition permits, the doctors will perform the heart surgery she needs.

As parents, their greatest wish is for their child to grow up safe and healthy. Currently, Nur Elvina Trisha has a poor appetite, can't sit or crawl, and hasn't started walking, which worries us. After the surgery, hope she can grow up safely and healthily, just like any other normal child.

With the RM70,000 needed for Nur Elvina Trisha's surgery now raised, we are immensely grateful for the support of the community. You have given Nur Elvina Trisha a chance for surgery. We hope that, with the collective prayers and well-wishes of society, Nur Elvina Trisha can overcome this challenging time and be freed from illness. Thank you all for your assistance.