"We are deeply moved by the support and contributions from people of all races towards our child's surgery cost. With your blessings and encouragement, Nur Qaseh Ameena will surely overcome this challenge."

The 7-month-old baby girl, Nur Qaseh Ameena bt Muhammad Zainudin, has finally been scheduled for surgery on November 1st. Her parents are not only praying for the success of the surgery but also expressing their gratitude to the public for providing her with the opportunity for surgical treatment.

This baby girl from Pokok Sena, Kedah, was diagnosed with a 6mm atrial septal defect two months after birth. While her condition was managed with medication to alleviate her symptoms, the hole in her heart could not close on its own. To prevent her heart from becoming further strained, she has been relying on tube feeding. Doctors recommended that she undergo surgery before her heart fails.

As the required surgical fee of RM70,000 has been raised, fundraising efforts have now been concluded. One Hope Charity expresses its gratitude for the trust, support, and donations from the public, which allow children in need to receive timely assistance.