After waiting for nearly a month, Oh Liang Che successfully obtained a slot at the Terengganu Hospital and was admitted for check-up on August 2nd. The next day, he was scheduled for surgery and underwent a successful implantation of a cardiac resynchronization defibrillator (CRT-D) after approximately 3 hours in the operating room. After 4 days of observation in the hospital, he was discharged with his family and continued his recovery at home.

Oh Liang Che, who is 63 years old this year, began experiencing swelling in his legs at the end of last year, sometimes even finding it difficult to walk without getting breathless. Further tests revealed irregular heart rhythms, and his heart's pumping function had decreased to only 17%. The doctor recommended the implantation of a cardiac resynchronization defibrillator to reduce the risk of a stroke.

However, Oh Liang Che and his family were unable to bear the full cost of the procedure. After a home visit and assessment, One Hope Charity decided to lend a helping hand by assisting them in raising the remaining RM63,000 required for the procedure. We also hope that Oh Liang Che can regain his health as soon as possible and, in the future, serve as a volunteer to bring warmth to more people.