31-year-old Oh Siang Yin had lost hope after being diagnosed with cancer. However, after being enlightened by her family, she has found the motivation to live. She hopes to continue doing good and assisting many unfortunate people after her recovery.

Prior to becoming ill, Oh Siang Yin frequently visited nursing homes and orphanages as a volunteer to assist the residents, and she expressed her hope to carry on doing good deeds after her recovery.

With the RM55,000 required for treatment has been fully funded, and her treatment will continue. Her cancer cell index also gradually decreased after treatment, and her condition gradually improved.

She said that half a year ago, because cancer cells eroded her cervical spine, the doctor gave her a cervical spine brace to avoid fractures. After the treatment, she was able to get rid of the cervical spine brace and could sit down slowly. She is currently undergoing physical therapy to exercise the muscles of her hands and feet.

When she enters and exits the hospital, an ambulance must be used. Depending on the circumstance, the doctor will determine whether she requires surgery to remove the tumour in the future. She is very grateful for the assistance from the general public, which gave her a chance and hope for treatment.