One Hope Charity received emergency assistance request and donated a 40-food-long refrigerated container to Penang Hospital to store the remains of Covid-19 deceased.

The Covid-19 cases surge has resulted Penang Hospital’s mortuary to be overwhelmed and needed urgent assistance. Upon receiving the hospital’s request, One Hope Charity immediately donated a refrigerated container to the hospital to serve as a special morgue for the remains of patients died of Covid-19.

One Hope Charity received the request for assistance from the hospital a few days ago, telling One Hope Charity that the hospital’s mortuary was overloaded and urgently needs a refrigerated container to store the remains of Covid-19 deceased. After procurement and assembly of the necessary equipment for the container, One Hope Charity & Welfare chairman Dato’ Chua Sui Hau personally handed over the refrigerated container to Penang Hospital today.

Dato’ Chua Sui Hau said that the organisation received the application from the hospital a few days ago. After a meeting, the charitable organisation decided to donate a 40-foot-long refrigerated container, which could store 36 to 50 remains to Penang Hospital, in order to resolve their problem in storing the remains of Covid-19 deceased.

Also present were One Hope Charity advisor Dato’ Seri R. Arunasalam, Penang Health Department deputy director (medical) Dr Nur Aslina Bahakodin, Penang Hospital director Dato’ Dr Teo Gim Sian and Penang Hospital Forensic Department chief Dato’ Dr Zahari Noor.

Hospital Pulau Pinang's Director, Dato' Teo Kim Sian thanked One Hope Charity for the frozen container which helps to increase the capacity of mortuary for Covid-19 patients. This is also the first frozen container which Hospital Pulau Pinang received as a temporary mortuary.