ONE HOPE CHARITY has long been committed to providing warmth and care to vulnerable groups in society, engaging in various charitable activities over the years. To safeguard the rights of donors and ensure transparency in charitable work, ONE HOPE CHARITY has implemented a series of measures to prevent fraudulent activities carried out under its name. In order to ensure that donations are put to good use, we issue a warning to the public to remain vigilant and not fall victim to scams.

To help the public identify ONE HOPE CHARITY's staff, we offer the following advice:

ONE HOPE CHARITY staff are required to wear uniforms and carry exclusive staff identification cards and staff numbers whenever they are on duty, ensuring their identities are genuine and trustworthy. During home visits, distribution of supplies, funeral assistance, patient visits, etc., staffs will be wearing their identification cards.

Furthermore, ONE HOPE CHARITY solemnly declares that it does not solicit donations through phone calls or door-to-door visits. All information regarding fundraising activities will be officially released through the ONE HOPE CHARITY's official channels, including the website, Facebook page, and official emails. Please verify the source of information to avoid being deceived.

ONE HOPE CHARITY currently operates four bank accounts for donations, all under the account name "One Hope Charity & Welfare." If anyone seeks donations using a different name, please exercise caution and verify the authenticity.

To ensure the security of public donations and prevent fraudulent activities, ONE HOPE CHARITY encourages individuals to contact us promptly if encountering suspicious situations for verification. The public can contact ONE HOPE CHARITY by phone to verify if any staff members have contacted them, ensuring their rights are not compromised.

ONE HOPE CHARITY is committed to promoting the development of social charity work and hopes that this appeal will raise public awareness, collectively creating an environment of integrity and transparency in the charitable sector.

For any inquiries or further information, please contact ONE HOPE CHARITY. Let us work together to uphold justice and integrity, ensuring that donations are used for beneficial purposes and helping those in need. Thank you for your concern and support.


Contact Information:

Phone: 016-419 2192 / 04-539 9212

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