Ooi Zi Lin, 21, from Penang, is self-sufficient while studying and working part-time, while caring for her paralysed father and grandfather, but she is still kind and generous, and she is a long-term donor to ONE HOPE CHARITY.

Ooi Zi Lin stated that, while the amount of donation is small, she will donate through the app, but she does not expect to be in need of assistance this time. She is also grateful for the assistance provided by ONE HOPE CHARITY and the general public, which has allowed her to temporarily overcome the difficulties and complete her studies with peace of mind.

Ooi Zi Lin is a PTPTN student pursuing a bachelor's degree in International Business. Her first semester exam results were excellent. She, too, worked hard to achieve good results. She intends to apply to PTPTN after graduation to convert the loan into a scholarship.

After receiving Ooi Zi Lin's request for assistance and reviewing it during a home visit, the Association decided to place her father in a nursing home while also assisting her with living expenses for the remaining two years of her schooling career, in the hopes that she will be able to attend school with peace of mind. Ooi Zi Lin is not only appreciative of the public's assistance in helping her cover her RM100,000 living expenses; she is also more motivated to be able to in the future and will undoubtedly restart charitable giving to assist people in need.