"Thank you all for your donations, encouragement, and well-wishes. You have given me hope during my moments of uncertainty, and you've helped me regain my health and the confidence to face the future.

Ooi Kooi Fern, who had an 80-degree scoliosis, underwent corrective surgery on June 28th. The surgery went smoothly, and after several days of observation in the hospital, she was finally allowed to be discharged on July 1st to continue her recovery at home.

Ooi Kooi Fern, hailing from Kedah, now has a significantly straighter spine after the surgery. While it's not completely straight, at least her spine will no longer compress her internal organs. There's also hope that after 6 weeks, she might be able to free herself from wearing the back brace and stabilizer.

She is extremely grateful to the general public and kind-hearted individuals for their generous support, which has allowed her to stand tall again and regain her confidence and faith.